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High-precision checks for tool and component measurement tasks

Extensive quality control measures ensure that only top-quality products leave your factory. In addition to these measures, Hirscheider offers a high-precision check solution for tools and components. Highly precise, to an accuracy of 2 microns, and fast, in 0.1 seconds, our system checks external contours for dimensional accuracy and thereby allows you to safeguard quality proactively during the production process itself.

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Automation – for more efficiency in your production

Anyone wishing to invest in a future-oriented manner – also with regard to Industry 4.0 – will focus on the automation of machine tools. We provide you with support for this in the form of individual solutions, e.g. feed and discharge belts or centering  devices.
We are also familiar with camera integration, used to check the diameter and length of the raw parts.

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Spare parts are no longer available? Not with us!

With expert maintenance old machines can work reliably and safely even after decades of use. However, repairs become a challenge for many companies. If you need spare parts for your Hirscheider, WERAG or DUAP machine, you can contact us with confidence - we will deliver spare parts in OEM quality - even after many years!

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ENDURO V400 end processing machine

Our ENDURO V 400 end processing machine facilitates the processing of double-sided steel bars. Processing operations, such as milling, drilling, centring and thread cutting are carried out on both ends, in one work cycle, and without manual intervention.

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Professional retrofits and HIRSCHEIDER-WERAG
endworking machines

Hirscheider- und Hirscheider-WERAG endworking machines are well-known for their long service life. You can extend the service life of your machines even further with our professional retrofits. Recently, we impressed Daimler (Mannheim) with a successful overhaul.

If your machine is in need of a general overhaul, we would be happy to offer you our retrofit concept and to give you a quote for a professional overhaul for your machine.

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Fully automatic Enduro V 500 and V 800 end processing systems

we want to keep you updated regularly in the future about current Hirscheider topics, innovations and projects. The topic covered in the first issue are our endfinishing machines Enduro V 500 und V 800, which will greatly facilitate the processing of large-scale production series or heavy and long workpieces.

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