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Almost like new!

Cost-saving general overhaul instead of expensive new acquisition

Your Hirscheider endworking machines have been contributing to your company’s success for many years and perform tirelessly for you thanks to their robust nature. To ensure that they will continue to do so over the coming years, we offer professional overhauls for your Hirscheider- and Hirscheider-WERAG endworking machines. To do this, we fi rst record the CURRENT state of your machine, in order to then be able to determine the scope of the required overhaul. Based on this, we will then send you a quote, including timeline and implementation schedule.


Possible scope of a machine overhaul:


  • Disassembly and transport for the overhaul in Ellwangen
  • Commissioning and test run in Ellwangen including preliminary acceptance
  • Return transport / installation /commissioning / final acceptance / fabrication supervision at your site


  • Replacement of the machine-bed and slide-bed guide rails, including grinding of the guides
  • Milling of the slide guides and smoothing of the new gliding surfaces, including hand-scraping of the new bed guide rails
  • Overhaul of the processing units, including storage and grinding of the spindles
  • Overhaul of the centring clamping units
  • Overhaul of the hydraulic system, including hose and cable runs
  • Overhaul of the pneumatic system, including hose and cable runs
  • Overhaul of the central lubrication system, including hose and cable runs
  • Overhaul of the cooling lubrication system, including hose and cable runs

Electrical and control systems:

  • Replacement of all electrical control components with current components
  • Replacement of the control cabinet and operating panel

and much more


  • Risk analysis taking into account current safety requirements in line with the CE standard


A Successful Overhaul of a WERAG Endworking Machine at the Mercedes Benz Works
in Mannheim.

Here, we were able to convince entirely:

„Such interventions show how quickly things get ‘old’ and a year goes by. The system is running smoothly and is very stable in terms of production volumes.”

Peter Galley
Operating Technician, Maintenance, External Company Coordinator for Pre-Cast Machining


"I can only agree with Mr Galley. Thank you very much for the great performance you and your staff have provided. We will gladly contact you again when the time comes. I would also like to thank  you for the good cooperation. We are very happy with the work you and your employees have carried out. There was also a lot of internal praise for the proper and timely implementation."

Süleyman Yaman
Operating Technician, Maintenance, Maintenance Life Cycle Management



Thanks to our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergy effects we are able to offer you not only end processing machines and centres but also the appropriate testing technology to test surfaces and dimensional accuracy and completeness.


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