Good reasons for... Hirscheider

High-precision checks on a micron scale for tool
and component measurements

High precision. Reproducibility. Speed.

HIRSCHEIDER offers a high-precision and reproducible outer contour check solution for dimensional accuracy that is accurate to within 2 microns and that works for maximum outer component diameters of up to 45 mm.

Thanks to the camera’s minimal space requirements, it can also be retrofitted into any production line and production machine.

The check and analysis time is only 0.1 seconds!

Your benefit:

  • Qualitative in-line checks for your production process,
    whereby errors are detected immediately, and expensive consequential errors are ruled out in advance.
  • NOK parts are removed
    and only IO parts are released into the next production process.
  • Top-speed parts measurements
    thanks to the contactless test method.
  • 100% of the checks
    are conducted during ongoing production, no sampling checks.
  • No need to invest in additional personnel and specialists.
  • Flexible adjustments to other component sizes are possible.

Sample applications

High-precision checks on a micron scale for tool and component measurements:

  • Precision workpieces,
    such as shafts and racks, e.g. for steering systems
  • Machining tools,
    such as drills


Thanks to our integration into the PÜTZ GROUP and the resulting synergy effects we are able to offer you not only end processing machines and centres but also the appropriate testing technology to test surfaces and dimensional accuracy and completeness.


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